5 Areas to Explore for Maximizing Business Growth

How are today's fast-growing companies using data to drive their businesses forward?

With the proliferation of cheaper data storage and better analytical tools, businesses can now ask and answer more complex questions, while refining and improving marketing practices. At Looker, we’ve seen first hand how business intelligence and data insights can accelerate growth. This paper describes five areas where startup companies have put data to work to grow their businesses. 

Learn how your company can explore the answers to these questions: 

  • Are different customers converting at different rates?
  • Am I growing my business in the right places?
  • Are my marketing partners delivering what I pay for?
  • Can I drive larger orders by personalizing the shopping experience?
  • Are my new customers better or worse, and will they stay that way?
Retention Analysis and the Data that Drives it
Retention Analysis and the Data that Drives it

Understanding your customer data and creating actionable insights

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