GoSpotCheck delivers data experiences that drive competitive advantage for consumer-facing enterprise teams

GoSpotCheck (GSC) is a mobile task management platform for enterprise teams that connects frontline workers with corporate goals and directives, creates a shared view of the field, and helps leaders make better decisions, faster.

GSC’s creative use of both out-of-the-box and custom data solutions to unlock business value goes beyond traditional BI to deliver four categories of data experience, with innovative self-service models that fuel modern business intelligence, integrate insights into existing workflows, optimize existing workflows with data, and create tailored solutions with custom data applications--all powered by Looker.
Key Takeaways

  • By combining the flexibility of the GSC and Looker platforms, the GSC team has created customized data experiences that transform business outcomes for diverse enterprise teams, and its own internal users
  • Switching to Looker resulted in numerous time savings, including a 70% decrease in report building time 
  • Since implementing Looker, Fivetran, and Snowflake, GSC’s data pipeline now returns insights to customers 95% faster 
  • As of Fall 2020, GSC has completed 225 custom projects, and serves Looker insights to almost  9,000 users a month
  • In addition to delivering insights to customers, the GSC team uses Looker internally to monitor customer health signals, manage customer and industry portfolios, track corporate scorecard metrics, and more. 
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