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How to Identify and Track Customers Across Platforms with a Universal ID

In an economy where customer attention is fleeting, expectations are constantly changing, and competitors are just a click or a tap away, understanding customer behavior is critical.

Before you can dive into any kind of advanced customer behavior analysis, however, you must ensure that you are counting each customer once and only once ― a difficult task, especially with customer touchpoints ranging across a variety of devices and website domains. So how do you accurately identify your customers?

In this webinar, Erin Franz, data analyst from Looker, and Julie-Jennifer Nguyen, Product Marketing Manager at Segment, show you how to determine if you are correctly counting your customers and how to create a universal user ID for customers across touchpoints.

You will learn:

• Which signals indicate that you are miscalculating your customers

• Why creating a universal ID is the backbone of customer analysis

• Best practices for identifying customers, including how to tie identities across anonymous and logged-in sessions, account for changed email addresses, and plan for cross-platform interactions

• How to derive a user table of universal IDs with SQL and LookML results.

Get A Complete View of Your Customer
Get A Complete View of Your Customer

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From Analysis to Action: How Customer Data Drives Revenue and Reduces Costs