Eckerson Group Profile of Looker

February 5, 2016

Eckerson Group Profiles Looker

Looker is a relatively new browser-based, ad hoc query, reporting, and dashboard product that runs on-premise or in the cloud. Purpose-built to leverage the next generation of analytic databases and native SQL code, Looker doesn’t move and store data. Rather, it pushes all queries to the database, allowing business analysts to query any data without limit and build interactive dashboards for casual users.
The strength of the Looker product is its modeling layer that automatically generates a data model based on underlying data and then enables data analysts to use a SQL-like scripting language called LookML to create custom logic and extend the model to meet user requirements.

Looker is a business intelligence (BI) tool that shines in several areas:
1. Sales and Marketing Analytics.  Looker enables customers to view all sales and marketing activity in a single dashboard, track prospects through every stage of the buy cycle, measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and create tailored dashboards for every member of the sales team.

2. Embedded Analytics. Customers can embed Looker output, from data tables to dashboards, into another application or solutions. Looker also offers a white label solution so customers can embed the entire too into the application environment. 

3. Customer Engagement and Retention Analytics. Looker provides a 360-degree view of customer interactions and transactions so companies can better target its most valuable customers and prospects.

4. Operational Analytics. Looker drives dashboards that display real-time performance information about operational processes.

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