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Advanced Analytics of Sales Data

If your company is like many others, you have embraced Salesforce.com (SFDC) as your CRM tool. You can’t live without it. All your lead and customer information, in one handy place. But...How does your current pipeline compare to this time last year? Last qtr? Which of your field reps are demonstrating the greatest success, and in what areas? You have become painfully aware of the limitations of one of your most important data sources.

Rich Taylor, Looker’s Senior Director of Operations & Marketing (and a long time SFDC user), chats with Kevin Marr, Senior Looker Data Analyst discussing the ways we, as well as our customers, use Looker to get the most out of data captured by SFDC.

Better ways to leverage your SFDC Data with Looker:

- Snapshots of pipeline: Develop a clear understanding of the business, trends over time, and pipeline vs. target analysis.

- Conversion Rates: view them at each step of the sales funnel, and compare them across teams, individuals, and timeframes.

- Identifying trends: Project the probability of pipeline closing over time.

- Rep Specific Dashboards: Compare a single rep to team and the entire sales org on multiple factors, including customer health for improved and proactive customer retention. 

Applications: Sales Analytics
Applications: Sales Analytics

Looker's application for sales analytics helps maximize pipeline and drive revenue by giving sales teams a ...

Analytics On Salesforce Data
Analytics On Salesforce Data

Gain a complete picture of your pipeline, your sales performance and your KPI’s.