Using Redshift and Looker to Create a Data Culture at Casper

Provide your employees with the ability to answer and ask their own questions using Looker on Amazon Redshift. Learn about the state of the data landscape and how companies are using their big data tools to understand and analyze various marketplaces, plan content, and gain insight on product consumption.

• How to utilize LookML to build reusable definitions and logic for your data
• Best practices for architecting a centralized analytical database
• How Casper leveraged Looker and Amazon Redshift to provide all their employees access to their data and metrics

Speakers include: - Dave Rocamora - Solutions Architect, AWS - Erin Franz - Senior Analyst, Alliances, Looker - Scott Breitenother - VP of Data & Analytics, Casper

Looker + Transferwise: Data-driven Decisions at Lightning Speed
Looker + Transferwise: Data-driven Decisions at Lightning Speed

With Looker, each team at Transferwise use custom, interactive dashboards to run operations and track KPIs....

Infectious Media + Looker
Infectious Media + Looker