Business Intelligence & Analytic Solutions for Deeper Insights

The big trend in business intelligence and analytics these days is the push to "democratize data" so that line-of-business users can access data and business insights without being stymied by process bottlenecks or the lack of highly specialized skill sets.

Join our experts from NICE, Looker and Avanade on this roundtable webcast and learn:

  • how "data democratization" is empowering users throughout the enterprise to gain relevant insights for themselves, and "know what they don't know"
  • how to optimize insight-driven processes and ensure that analysts are focused on the right questions and generating the greatest possible value from their data
  • how curated environments create a world of freedom for line-of-business users to self-serve
  • why analysts need line-of-business users to dig into the data, and how that symbiotic relationship can benefit the business as a whole
Counsyl + Looker: Data in Their DNA
Counsyl + Looker: Data in Their DNA

From lab analysis and sensitive patient information to billing records, Counsyl handles enormous stores of ...

Guidewire Case Study
Guidewire Case Study