Yieldify Case Study

Yieldify’s predictive marketing technology interacts with over 1 million people on eCommerce sites daily, which generates a tremendous amount of event data. With Looker, Yieldify has been able to give every team real-time data needed to perform at their pace of growth.

Yieldify’s sales, account management, and customer success teams rely on Looker for the analysis that lets them optimize and continuously monitor the performance of their accounts. Using accurate, real-time reporting from a single, reliable source of truth, the teams have the insights they need to prioritize their efforts, refine their processes, demonstrate ROI to clients—and increase the company’s revenues.

Read about how Yieldify:

- Keeps clients up to date, with data automatically transferred from Looker to standard client report forms in Excel or Google Sheets

- Created a truly data-driven culture where every employee has access to the data they need

- Consolidated their data to create a single source of truth for the entire company

Looker + Avant
Looker + Avant

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