From Architecture to Analytics: A look at the data strategy of Simply Business™

Revamping Your Data Approach to Enable the Pace & Flexibility Needed to Make Timely Business Decisions

This slide deck is from Stewart Duncan of Simply Business and Zach Taylor of Looker. They discussed how Simply Business revamped their data approach to enable the pace and flexibility they needed to make timely decisions based on their data.

Simply Business offers a B2B web product that simplifies the experience of selecting and purchasing business insurance. With over 300,000 policyholders, Simply Business is the largest SME insurer in the UK.

Removing friction for users as they complete the insurance quote process is critical to providing a hassle-free user experience and driving continuous improvements in conversion rates. Learn how data analytics helps them strive for these improvements.

Get ideas on the following:

  • Using data for rapid A/B testing and to analyze user journeys to inform product development.
  • Transitioning from a traditional data architecture to a modern cloud-based stack integrating MongoDB, AWS Redshift, Hadoop and Looker.
  • Designing a data platform and organizational process that drives data-driven behavior across an organization.
  • Empowering product and marketing teams to get into granular online engagement and attribution data which has removed the bottleneck to making informed decisions.
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