Accelerating Global Growth with Looker

GoCardless offers an innovative, rapidly growing payment platform for businesses that have recurring revenues or accept one-off payments. GoCardless helps businesses focus on what they do best and helps consumers easily and safely set up payments to merchants. 

Since Deploying Looker:

  • With 95% corporate adoption, teams gain confidence and efficiency with a universal set of metrics and data access.
  • Merchant onboarding has streamlined, accelerating global platform expansion.
  • Features most important to customers gain more attention with product usage data guiding the roadmap and go-to-market strategy
  • The finance team spots performance and market trends immediately with access to revenue figures in minutes
  • The data team focuses on complex, more rewarding projects rather than responding to analytics tickets

Learn more about GoCardless at

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Looker + pixiv で実現するデータドリブンカルチャー
Looker + pixiv で実現するデータドリブンカルチャー