Kiva Case Study

November 20, 2017

From financing women-run businesses in Mexico to funding clean water solutions in Kenya, microlending has the potential to change lives in tangible ways. is an innovative nonprofit that connects lenders with low-income entrepreneurs and students all over the world. 

Relying on only a few data analysts for querying, reporting and analytics was slow and time-consuming. And because people in different departments, such as Development, Finance, or Partnerships, asked for different reports, metrics and numbers often differed across teams. 

Deciding to implement a solution to their impending data bottleneck, Kiva turned to Looker as an option that allowed them to quickly and securely transition all of their departments’ data into a new analytics system.



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Deliveroo Case Study

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Embedded Analytics - Take your data to the next level
Embedded Analytics - Take your data to the next level

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