Look & Tell London - Economist Fireside Chat

Bobby Gill, Data Analytics Director at the Economist Group, chats with Looker VP of Sales, Jason Smith, on the Economist Group's story of building their data culture. Starting with a 5 year plan for their Data Goals, they devised a plan to democratize data across the company to have a more holistic view of their data.

In this presentation, you'll learn how the Economist Group:

- Centralized their organizational data store

- Worked with different departments to discover data pain-points

- Architected their datastore to create real-time analytics with Looker and Amazon Redshift

Looker + Avant
Looker + Avant

With 500 active Looker accounts and over 200,000 minutes spent exploring data, Avant truly knows what it me...

Case Study: Yieldify
Case Study: Yieldify

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