PopSockets + Looker: Building a Scalable eCommerce Data Platform

70,000% growth over a three-year period is astounding and a cause for celebration. While champagne corks pop with such massive growth, real problems arise as well. Like how to manage and exploit massive amounts of data. PopSockets realized they needed a data platform that would continually scale with their fast-paced business. They needed a tool that could not only deliver data access to everyone in the organization but could also be governed, modeled, and defined to fit their operational needs. After evaluating other tools, PopSockets implemented the Looker data platform. LookML, Looker’s Quick + powerful SQL data modeling language, allowed Steven Mangold and the PopSockets analytics team to define their data model and rapidly iterate on new business needs. Now marketing, product, finance - nearly every team at PopSockets uses Looker to ask the right questions of their data and make informed business decisions. Hear more data success stories at looker.com/customers.

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Continuum + Looker: Enabling Self-Service Analytics
Continuum + Looker: Enabling Self-Service Analytics

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