Simply Business on Looker With over 300,000 policyholders, Simply Business is one of the largest insurers of small businesses in the UK. In this short video, Stewart Duncan, Director of Data Science at Simply Business, reports how Looker has helped their online business keep pace with the rapid rate of change. By combining Looker with Snowplow Analytics, an innovative event-tracking platform, Simply Business has empowered their product team to get into granular online engagement data and re-aggregate it very easily. The resulting insights have guided site design and the process through which Simply Business customers navigate their dynamic quote process.

Asana on Looker
Asana on Looker

In this short video, Justin Krause, Business Intelligence Developer at Asana, talks about how Looker helps ...

Infectious Media on Looker
Infectious Media on Looker Infectious Media is a London-based company that services real-time digital advertising and prov...