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  • DigitalOcean + Looker – Covering More Ground with a Single Source of Truth2:15

    DigitalOcean + Looker – Covering More Ground with a Single Source of Truth

    Worldwide, more than 800,000 developers rely on DigitalOcean as an affordable way to host their projects. To manage all this data Digital Ocean uses the Looker Data Platform as a single source of trut

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  • Simply Business + Looker Testimonial2:34

    Simply Business + Looker Testimonial

    With over 300,000 policyholders, Simply Business is one of the largest insurers of small businesses in the UK. In this short video, Stewart Duncan, Director of Data Science at Simply Business, explain

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  • Looker + Transferwise: Data-driven Decisions at Lightning Speed2:23

    Looker + Transferwise: Data-driven Decisions at Lightning Speed

    With Looker, each team at Transferwise use custom, interactive dashboards to run operations and track KPIs. Data is available to all, which streamlines processes and helps identify new revenue opportu

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  • Infectious Media + Looker2:11

    Infectious Media + Looker

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  • Looker + Avant 2:27

    Looker + Avant

    With 500 active Looker accounts and over 200,000 minutes spent exploring data, Avant truly knows what it means to be a data-driven business. From Finance, Operations, to Marketing, data is used to bac

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  • Upworthy on Looker1:53

    Upworthy on Looker

    See how Daniel Mintz, Head of Data & Analytics, and Patty Carnevale, Director of Account Strategy & Development, are using data to make better decisions in their day to day work at Upworthy. With t

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  • Carbonite on Looker3:12

    Carbonite on Looker

    Hear how Carbonite is building a big data analytics platform that is allowing the entire company to consume as much data as possible. Previous to using Looker, the team had a traditional analytics too

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  • Animoto on Looker2:27

    Animoto on Looker

    With Looker's help, everyone at Animoto is a first-class data citizen. Animoto provides self-service data to anyone who wants to explore the data and answer their own questions within their organizati

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  • YPlan on Looker2:17

    YPlan on Looker

    The YPlan app helps mobile consumers find things they want to do and book them on the spot. In this short video, you’ll hear from Richard Mapes, Director or Data Science and Analytics at London-based

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  • Looker Customers on Looker3:08

    Looker Customers on Looker

    Successful data-driven companies depend on making real-time BI and modern analytics readily available in every department. High-tech operations such as Asana, TaskRabbit, Infectious Media, YPlan, Quir

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  • BackStage on Looker1:51

    BackStage on Looker

    Backstage is a career platform for the entertainment business, where performers can get all the information they need to succeed in and connect with the greater performing arts community. Backstage ch

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  • SeatGeek on Looker2:19

    SeatGeek on Looker

    SeatGeek is a search engine for concert and sports tickets. SeatGeek has always been a data-driven company; in their industry it’s absolutely essential for survival. Initially, every technical or bus

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  • Asana on Looker2:31

    Asana on Looker

    In this short video, Justin Krause, Business Intelligence Developer at Asana, talks about how Looker helps their data team build seamless tools for business decision-makers. Since Looker works with th

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  • Infectious Media on Looker2:35

    Infectious Media on Looker

    Infectious Media is a London-based company that services real-time digital advertising and provides a platform for analyzing ad performance. In this short video, Dan de Sybel, Director of Technology a

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  • Simply Business on Looker2:46

    Simply Business on Looker

    With over 300,000 policyholders, Simply Business is one of the largest insurers of small businesses in the UK. In this short video, Stewart Duncan, Director of Data Science at Simply Business, reports

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  • on Looker2:33 on Looker is an innovative charity that matches donors with educational efforts. In this video, Vlad Dubovsky, Data Scientist at, talks about how Looker is powering the explora

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  • Knewton on Looker1:46

    Knewton on Looker

    This video features Rex Gibson, Manager of Software Engineering on the Dashboards Team at Knewton, an adaptive learning startup that powers the educational products of partner companies. Knewton uses

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  • TaskRabbit on Looker1:46

    TaskRabbit on Looker

    In this short video, you'll hear from Evan Tahler, Director of Technology at TaskRabbit — where people in engineering, customer support, operations, marketing, and finance all use Looker to monitor th

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  • ShopRunner on Looker1:39

    ShopRunner on Looker

    Sandeep Kamath, Senior Manager of Analytics at ShopRunner, discusses how Looker is used within ShopRunner. To learn more about Looker, visit Music: "Fastest Man on Earth" by Jahzzar (htt

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  • HP Vertica and Looker2:35

    HP Vertica and Looker

    Looker makes it easy to query your data where it sits without having to transform it or move it to another system. Looker works with many of the well-loved Vertica features and also integrates with be

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