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Is a Single Version of Truth Possible?

The data warehouse promised to deliver a single version of truth. But skeptics abound, saying a single version of truth is a mirage and not necessary.

Yet, how can an organization exist as a holistic entity if it doesn’t have a common set of metrics and data for capturing, analyzing, and interpreting business activity?

Using our point-counterpoint approach, a team of seasoned data experts will debate the conceptual and technical feasibility of the single version of truth and come to a consensus opinion.

This Socratic approach will help you understand:

  • Why a single version of truth (SVOT) is still required
  • When an organization can ignore the SVOT imperative
  • How to balance SVOT and MVOT (multiple versions of truth) within a single analytic architecture
  • The role of data governance in a modern analytic architecture
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Percolate Case Study

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