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Improving the Data Modeling Workflow

New analytical tools such as Looker allow data analysts to speed up the dirty work around building data models—making it less painful to clean data, explore predictive factors, and evaluate results. 

In this educational webinar from Data Science Central (DSC), Justin Palmer of LendingHome, a mortgage banking and marketing platform, joins Colin Zima, Chief Analytics Officer at Looker. Using a public-domain FAA dataset and the LendingHome platform as examples, they dig into the data modeling process and offer ideas for improvements. 

Advancing SQL with Symmetric Aggregates
Advancing SQL with Symmetric Aggregates

Looker Founder and CTO Lloyd Tabb will introduce a major new component to the modeling layer that lets you ...

Look & Learn: LookML Reusability Paradigm
Look & Learn: LookML Reusability Paradigm

A key difference of LookML is that, unlike older approaches, it combines modeling, transformations, and der...