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The Looker Approach to Modern Data Modeling

As an analyst, you’ve likely spent many hours writing SQL queries to provide data reports for your stakeholders.

Those long hours quickly turn into days, weeks and months. And, when things change—when new data sources are introduced or when once-irrelevant data fields suddenly become important to your queries—you have to start from scratch.

Your original queries are no longer usable. That’s because you have to know what you want to extract from the data before you load it into the database and begin a query. And, you have to model your data every time you need to run a report. 

We believe there's a better way. 

Looker’s modular and adaptable approach to data modeling separates the data model from the database. This enables you to create a model once and build flexible queries on top for reuse across your organization.

Access the ebook to learn how Looker's modern data modeling can help you identify problems, automate solutions, and future-proof your data strategy.

Code Reusability with LookML Project Import
Code Reusability with LookML Project Import

Learn how LookML offers a new, efficient tool for making modeling faster and more reusable.

Why Adopting a Data Model Will Make You Ready for the Runway
Why Adopting a Data Model Will Make You Ready for the Runway