Case Study: Dollar Shave Club

Getting rid of data analytics bottlenecks.

Dollar Shave Club. You know who they are. This article describes how this supersmart startup takes advantage of all the data they collect—about email promotions, changes to their website, volume of help requests, customer churn, and anything else that might impact the bottom line. It all started with one data analyst, who used Looker to build out data models so that departments around the company could have direct access to the data they need.

Here are just a few examples of how business people at Dollar Shave Club are using Looker to understand data:

  • Testing email marketing campaigns
  • Tracking the relationship between help requests and customer churn
  • Creating better audience targets for sampling campaigns
Case Study: HotelTonight
Case Study: HotelTonight

Rapid Prototyping with Looker at Backstage & Sonicbids
Rapid Prototyping with Looker at Backstage & Sonicbids

Mike Mepham speaks on the organizations use of Looker PDT's to create a self-sufficient data architecture. ...

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