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Modeling, Analyzing and Acting on Retail Data with Looker and Google Cloud

Learn how the Looker and Google Cloud technologies work together to help companies use data-driven insights to improve customer experiences, analyze supply chain efficiency, and maximize profits. See it for yourself: 0:00 Looker platform overview 1:35 View, drill and take action from dashboards 5:09 Explore row-level detail and schedule reports 7:40 Model data for company-wide governance with LookML Companies take advantage of Google Cloud’s powerful functionality through Looker. In this demo, a fake retail company uses: - Google App Engine to deploy a custom app for texting to store managers - Google Cloud Functions and the Search API for product image search - BigQuery ML for item sales & stock forecasting - BigQuery ML nested tables for faster performance on transaction analysis - BigQuery weather public dataset

Auto Trader embraces digital transformation and the power of data
Auto Trader embraces digital transformation and the power of data

Auto Trader is the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace. Learn how they embraced digital transformat...

Étude de cas Deliveroo
Étude de cas Deliveroo

Deliveroo a décidé de rechercher une nouvelle plate-forme suffisamment robuste tout en restant flexible pou...

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