Werkspot Case Study

Werkspot Leverages Looker to improve Home Services

As an online marketplace that helps individuals find trusted service professionals for home improvement, Werkspot needs to play a constant balancing act between supply and demand. 

Maintaining this balance requires analyzing data from a variety of sources, such as product data from MySQL, advertising data from different ad networks, and customer data from Salesforce CRM. 

Without a data analytics and visualization tool in place, Werkspot’s BI team quickly became overburdened -- resulting in two-week turnaround times for business users to get the insights they needed. 

With Looker, more than half of Werkspot’s employees across marketing, sales, support, product, and the management team use Looker every day to get real-time, actionable insights out of their data. 

By removing the need to manually pull data or build visualizations for business users, Looker saved Werkspot from having to hire five additional analysts -- allowing them to put this headcount toward more valuable data engineer and data scientist roles.

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