Event Level Data Analysis with Snowplow

Looker works with Snowplow Analytics to deliver an end-to-end solution for capturing, storing, and analyzing event-level data.

By delivering detailed, granular, event-level data, Snowplow Analytics gives businesses unprecedented flexibility to perform any type of analytics on their web-event data. Until recently, businesses that wanted to take advantage of this flexibility and power needed to have SQL experts on hand to create the data cubes for end users to query with traditional BI tools.

Through a combination of its rich, lightweight metadata model and an architecture that uses the underlying database to query the data (rather than its own analytics engine), Looker empowers end users to: 1) Define and analyze the entities, dimensions, metrics, and funnels that matter to their business, and 2) Drill right down into their event-level data. All without having to know any SQL.

This paper is authored by Yali Sassoon, co-founder and analytics lead at Snowplow Analytics.

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Join Keynote - Keenan Rice & Segment (Part 8)

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