Snowplow and Looker

The Snowplow analytics platform makes it easy to record events — such as from websites, mobile apps, server-side systems, call centers, and third-party systems — and to unify them into a single, centralized data pipeline. In this presentation, Yali Sassoon, co-founder of Snowplow Analytics, talks about the power of a combined Looker + Snowplow solution. 

Using LookML, Looker's modeling layer, businesses can create a model of the Snowplow data pipeline, one that interprets the data according to their unique business logic. How do they identify users? How do they segment users? How do they measure engagement? Based on this model, everyone from data scientists to line-of-business users can perform granular analytics on the gigantic store of event data. And thanks to the flexibility of the LookML language, it's easy to change the model as the business logic evolves.

Event Level Data Analysis with Snowplow
Event Level Data Analysis with Snowplow

Looker works with Snowplow Analytics to deliver an end-to-end solution for capturing, storing, and analyzin...

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