Landbay’s mortgage platform turbo-charges growth with data

UK-based Landbay was founded in 2014 as a marketplace to connect buy-to-let borrowers with lenders. From day one, Landbay focused on a data-first technology platform to increase growth, manage risk, and develop capabilities for both its borrower and lending clients. The focus on data paid off. The company has been recognized with multiple industry awards, including Deloitte’s “Fast 50” award, is a member of the UK's TechNation Future 50 cohort, and has experienced 1,000% growth in the last two four-year periods.

As Landbay grew,  so did requests for data. Only a few people knew how to access and query the company’s databases in SQL, leaving most employees waiting for answers or struggling with scattered spreadsheets. This slowed down trend-spotting and decision-making, and  also created trust issues. 

Landbay chose Looker because they felt it’s architecture and modeling layer could provide self-service access to trusted data all their users craved.

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