Up your game with Gaming Analytics

  • Zero to Event-Level Analytics in 30 Minutes25:10

    Zero to Event-Level Analytics in 30 Minutes

    Check out this demo on how to install the Looker Gaming Block. Looker provides you the starting point for quick and flexible data modeling so you can examine the entire lifecycle of your players.

  • Powering the Kingdom with Data21:34

    Powering the Kingdom with Data

    Hear how King delivers organization-wide insights and empowers business users with the data they need to create winning user experiences for some of the world's most popular games.

  • Unlocking Insights at Scale with Looker + BigQuery

    Rob Martin, Chief Architect of Google Cloud for Games, discusses how BigQuery and Looker unlock insights at scale so you can optimize player experience and maximize monetization for your game.

  • ケーススタディ:株式会社ディー・エヌ・エー



  • Looker Solutions for Gaming

    Looker Solutions for Gaming

  • ケーススタディ:ガンホー・オンライン・エンターテインメント株式会社



  • Unlock your game's potential with Data & AI46:57

    Unlock your game's potential with Data & AI

    Today’s hit games produce terabytes of data every day, but legacy data warehouses often cannot keep up with the volume and velocity of data being generated. With the popularity of multiplayer games an

  • Futureplay advances to the next level of mobile gaming with Looker

    Futureplay advances to the next level of mobile gaming with Looker

    Leveraging Looker’s platform, Futureplay has gone beyond dashboards to monitor gaming KPIs, and track marketing performance by building custom data experiences.

  • “Level-Up” Your Gaming Analytics44:44

    “Level-Up” Your Gaming Analytics

    Learn how to drive real change by leveraging a modern data platform to build better games and get some hands-on examples of analytics used at Futureplay Games. Data is more than just ad-hoc reporting

  • The Evolution of Gaming and the Role Data Plays19:00

    The Evolution of Gaming and the Role Data Plays

  • King Case Study

    King Case Study

    Looker has enabled King's BI team to empower business users and a more agile game development process.

  • Étude de cas King

    Étude de cas King

    Looker a permis à l'équipe BI de King de responsabiliser les utilisateurs professionnels et de bénéficier d'un processus de développement de jeux plus agile.

  • King-Fallstudie


    Mit Looker kann das BI-Team von King nun Nutzern in geschäftlichen Funktionen mehr Möglichkeiten bieten und einen agileren Entwicklungsprozess ermöglichen.

  • Driving User Adoption with King  — Jonathan Palmer & Zara Wells33:09

    Driving User Adoption with King — Jonathan Palmer & Zara Wells

    Hear first-hand what drove mobile game giant, King to adopt Looker as their data platform of choice. Jonathan Palmer, Product Director at King walks through the steps they took to go from zero to 500+

  • Gaming Analytics: Using Looker + Google6:55

    Gaming Analytics: Using Looker + Google

    Erin Franz, Alliances Analyst at Looker, takes us through a demo of how gaming analytics can be visualized and analyzed in the Looker data platform. Learn more at

  • Gaming Analytics

    Gaming Analytics

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