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Unlock your game's potential with Data & AI

Today’s hit games produce terabytes of data every day, but legacy data warehouses often cannot keep up with the volume and velocity of data being generated. With the popularity of multiplayer games and free to play monetization models, drawing insights from data has never been more valuable, but many game developers do not have data scientists on staff to help them draw insights that can improve user acquisition, level design, or monetization strategies.

Looker and Google Cloud can help! In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to manage data at scale with BigQuery, our serverless data warehouse
  • How to quickly build ML models with limited data science expertise with BQML
  • How to securely share data across creatives, producers, marketers, monetization, liveops and executives with Looker


Futureplay advances to the next level of mobile gaming with Looker
Futureplay advances to the next level of mobile gaming with Looker

Leveraging Looker’s platform, Futureplay has gone beyond dashboards to monitor gaming KPIs, and track marke...