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4 Big Data Strategies You Can't Go Without

When it comes to customer relationships, big data can usher in big opportunities or big problems. That’s why it’s vital for organizations to take a strategic approach to big data. They must clean their data, integrate it, maximize data value, comply with security and governance requirements, and make sure the right people have the right access to the data at the right times.

In this webinar, Pitney Bowes, Informatica, Looker, and Snowflake teach how to:

  • Easily integrate diverse data for more robust analysis
  • Reduce time to analysis by leveraging the cloud
  • Yield more effective conversions
  • Achieve the elusive single customer view in context
  • Deliver more relevant marketing
  • Get more trusted customer insights without more risk
  • Make analyzing CRM data with other sources easier
  • Put analytics in the right places at the right time
Analyzing Log Data with Spark and Looker
Analyzing Log Data with Spark and Looker

Machines are constantly generating data. Unlocking the value of log files has historically lived in the rea...

3 Reasons In-Cluster Analytics is a Big Deal
3 Reasons In-Cluster Analytics is a Big Deal