Analytics Strategies to Keep up with Modern Healthcare.

Actionable business intelligence is a critical tool for healthcare providers and insurance companies engaged in the value-based care environment. Yet, many organizations still lack the ability to analyze data quickly, comprehensively, and effectively. Healthify, a leading software provider of social determinants of health solutions, is taking a data-driven approach and offering transparency to optimize user engagement, measure outcomes, and plan for the future. Success with value-based care is founded upon one key competency: the ability to access data-driven insights that will enable stakeholders to cut costs, create targeted quality improvement programs, and keep people healthy. In this webinar, Healthify will explain the benefits of moving to a modern data platform, which allows them to: - Track referral success: determine resource needs within communities and follow social outcomes - Provide insights into social and behavioral health needs for better population health management - Securely give access to trustworthy data information and insights to make data-driven decisions - Enable payers and providers to collaborate efficiently and effectively in managing the social determinants of health

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