Analytics on Salesforce Data Demo

Understand the magic of a KPI dashboard.

In this short demo, get a glimpse of the reporting that is possible when you analyze Salesforce data with a business intelligence solution like Looker.  See how it's possible to more easily answer complex questions. How is our pipeline looking for next quarter? How does the pipeline compare to this time last year? Which of our field reps are demonstrating the greatest success, and in what areas? With Looker, anyone in the organization can hit the Run button to view daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly progress reports. Want to go deeper? It’s just as easy to drill into any data point or visualization, at any level of granularity, to understand customer purchasing behavior.

See up close ways to leverage your Salesforce data:

  • Snapshots of pipeline: Develop a clear understanding of the business, trends over time, and pipeline vs. target analysis.
  • Conversion Rates: View them at each step of the sales funnel, and compare them across teams, individuals, and timeframes.
  • Identifying trends: Project the probability of pipeline closing over time.
  • Rep Specific Dashboards: Compare a single rep, to team, and the entire sales org on multiple factors, including customer health for improved and proactive customer retention.
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