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DSC Webinar Series: Modern Data Science Workflows

In this presentation we will explore how innovative companies are modernizing their tech stack and workflows to allow data scientists to spend more of their time doing advanced and predictive analytics -- the highest value part of their jobs.

Join us to learn how data scientists across different organizations have influenced and changed analysis behaviors across their companies. You will also learn helpful tips for integrating data science findings into your organization's decision making process.


Haarthi Sadasivam, Technical Product Manager at Looker

Olivia Winter, MS, Customer Advocate at Looker

Julian Winternheimer, Data Scientist at Buffer

Hosted by:

Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director at Data Science Central

Analytical Maturity
Analytical Maturity

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Data Preparation and Data Delivery for Data Science Workflows
Data Preparation and Data Delivery for Data Science Workflows

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