Looker Helps Federal Agencies Leverage Data as a Strategic Asset to Meet Goals

The use of data is transforming the economy, government, and society. The federal government  must maintain its role as a preeminent supplier as well as a  sophisticated and ethical user of data, in order to fulfill its duty to the public. While the federal government leads globally in developing and providing data about the United States and the world, it still faces challenges to harness the power of data to deliver on its mission, serve the public, and practice responsible stewardship of resources.

Looker's modern business intelligence and data application platform was designed with flexibility in mind to meet organizations where they are, help them get where they need to go, and react to unexpected events along the way. With Looker, agencies can power digital transformation through data to help promote ethical governance, conscious design, and cultivate a learning culture.

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System Activity Analytics
System Activity Analytics

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