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Table Calculation Tips and Tricks

Ever wonder how Looker uses Looker? Get a peek behind the curtain in this webinar series. Each lab session will focus on one of our favorite Looker features and highlight not just how to use it, but the “where”, “when”, and “why” as well. (In case you’re wondering, the “who” is you!) We’ll demonstrate some of our favorite use cases and share tips and tricks that you can show off to your colleagues and look like a data hero. Table Calculation Tips and Tricks Calculating running totals, date differences, and rolling averages -- oh my! Table calculations give you the power to create on-the-fly metrics, not unlike formulas found in spreadsheet tools like Excel. We love them, and after this webinar, you will too! Join us for a deep dive into our favorite functions and some choice advanced use cases that you will want to start using right away.

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