Meet Looker 4 - The Next Generation Data Platform

October 15, 2016

Looker 4.0 keeps the best of the first-generation solutions while jettisoning all the compromises that came with slow, expensive data warehouses, siloed BI tools and outdated methods of software development. With Looker, companies can integrate, transform, govern, explore, visualize, and deliver data in virtually any application across the entire team. 

“Since day one Looker has focused on the data analyst, evolving the data platform so that data experts can bring a completely different data experience to their business,” said Frank Bien, CEO of Looker. 

Learn more about Looker 4 here:

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Looker Overview
Looker Overview

Looker is a Data Platform that makes it easy for everyone to find, explore and understand the data that dri...

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Looker Life = Customer Love
Looker Life = Customer Love

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