Looker Overview

October 2, 2013
Looker empowers people across your organization to investigate business data and get answers to their toughest questions. By connecting live to your SQL analytics database, Looker enables users of any skill level to tap into data in all its detail. Data analysts will fall in love with LookML, an easy-to-learn modeling language that leverages their technical knowledge to build a completely tailored, self-serve end-user experience. That’s because Looker, at its heart, is analytics technology built into a web app server. You can host it in the cloud or on premise, accessible from the web, through APIs, or embedded into custom applications. Looker fits right into your business. With Looker, anyone can: Build reports, dashboards, and email alerts. Explore tables of any size, from high-level overview to drill-down detail. Reuse business logic, without having to know SQL. Share results with colleagues and management, all in the browser. Understand the impact of data on the success of the business.
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Look & Learn: Filtering & Pivoting
Look & Learn: Filtering & Pivoting

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