Looker Product Updates: Looker Versions 3.32, 3.34, 3.36 (Developer Version)

February 3, 2016

Every 3 months we round up all the latest and greatest features our product team has worked into Looker and Product Manager, Abby West, provides a more detailed hands-on view of what's been crammed into 3 months worth of release notes.

This version (13 min), is a more comprehensive view of all new features introduced for Looker versions 3.32, 3.34, and 3.36 targeted at Looker developers, and admins.

Slack Your Data with Lookerbot
Slack Your Data with Lookerbot

Slack Your Data with the Lookerbot.

Looker Overview
Looker Overview

Looker is a Data Platform that makes it easy for everyone to find, explore and understand the data that dri...

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