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Campaigns to Cash: Using Data to Maximize ROI

Finding linkages between marketing campaigns, the leads and opportunities they generate, and the amount of cash they eventually bring in is a challenge most organizations face. The Campaign to Cash Looker Block, developed by Datasticians, allows you to understand and visualize the key metrics to solve this very problem. Once you can connect all the right data, you can focus marketing dollars and sales efforts to maximize ROI.

Join Looker and our partner Datasticians as we demonstrate how to use the Campaign to Cash Block in your sales & marketing use case.

You’ll learn:

- What are the typical problems in trying to address this use case today?

- How the total solution looks from a system standpoint.

- How to leverage the Looker Block to understand industry standard metrics to make accurate business decisions

- Best practices for visualizing results that show the breakdown of marketing-contributed leads & sales opportunities

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