Waterscan leverages the power of data to save water and money for customers

Waterscan is the leading provider of commercial water management services in the United Kingdom, helping customers monitor water consumption and efficiency to save water and, ultimately, save money.

The company offers monitoring and reporting services, identifying water saving opportunities, improving water efficiency, reducing costs and helping them lead their respective industries in environmental initiatives.  

Key Takeaways

  • The Waterscan team leveraged Looker’s data application platform to build faster, more flexible reports for their customers, spending less than 100 hours of development time on the initial implementation 
  • Waterscan has experienced significant time and cost savings on report building and maintenance, including a decrease in report development time of 95% 
  • Access to real-time analytics via their Waterline product gave Waterscan the ability to help 100% of their customers save water and money
  • In addition to helping their customers access analytics, today 100% of Waterscan’s employees have self-service access to analytics with Looker 
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