Daasity and Looker Furnish Big Wins for Snowe

Snowe is a high quality home goods eCommerce business that needed to address the challenges of fast growth, an overwhelming amount of data, disconnected sources, and too many tools to effectively manage it all. The teams at Daasity and Looker worked together to synthesize the unique blend of looks and integrations needed. With the right tools in place, they now had a solution to manage their data with powerful functionality. Snow now has a single source of truth the entire company leverages. They saved an estimated 15 man-hours per week/ 750 hours for the year; were able to further analyze behavior to mitigate credit card fraud during BFCM; and by analyzing high expenditures, were able to add around 30% of shipping costs back to their bottom line in 2020 alone.

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Unleashing business value with data
Unleashing business value with data

Data FastTrack is Agilexi’s Consulting-as-a-Service offering. Through focused virtual consulting service, o...