Looker for Operations and Logistics Analytics

Logistics companies have always been data driven and over time have been storing more and more data as new technology becomes available to collect it. Storage technology has seen massive innovation, allowing companies to store data about everything from the the initial sale to the package being delivered to someone’s doorstep. But analytics has not kept up, leaving companies struggling to analyze this data and operationalize it into their systems and decision making. The challenges of siloed data sources are considerable because event data from each point of the operation funnel typically is kept in different systems, and those systems don’t always talk to each other. 

When your company’s success depends on efficient inventory or process management, you need nimble tools that can be tailored to your workflow and quickly adapt to changes. With Looker for Operations and Logistics Analytics, you get a centralized view of all the data you are collecting and can quickly analyze the whole picture in real time, even feeding it into the minute-by-minute decision making process of your operational leaders.

Counsyl Customer Story
Counsyl Customer Story

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