Operations & Predictive Analytics: Using Looker for Everything at LendingHome

Connecting borrowers to investors, LendingHome is the world’s most advanced mortgage marketplace. In this presentation, Justin Palmer, Director of Data at LendingHome, talks about how the company uses Looker for traditional BI alongside statistical credit and marketing models—and equips them to communicate better with lenders, borrowers, and internal teams. For LendingHome, Looker makes data science more about science and less about writing queries and wrangling data. With Looker’s modeling language, LookML, Justin can write little bits of SQL, chain them together, and reuse them to do very complex things in a very easy way—making it possible to perform operations he would never have imagined. In this video, Justin explores a use case where the company built a machine-learned model on historical third-party data to predict mortgage performance. Watch this video to learn how Looker helped LendingHome explore predictive factors and interpret the data model to create a more predictive loan-scoring engine—and provide a safer, more controlled marketplace for both lenders and borrowers.

Looker for Operations and Logistics Analytics
Looker for Operations and Logistics Analytics

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