Looker for Cloudera

Make all the data in your Cloudera deployment accessible for real-time interactive exploration and data discovery across your entire company. 
With the advances in the speed and capabilities of the Impala MPP SQL query engine, you no longer have to transform, summarize or move data outside of your CDH environment. It is now possible to describe and define the data within Hadoop without any transformation at all - and create a data model that can be used as the foundation of organization-wide data analysis. Looker is the tool that business teams can use to access, explore and analyze all the data stored in your CDH deployment.
Benefits of a big data analytics platform for Cloudera:
  • Creates a comprehensive enterprise data hub for business users to explore throughout that hub and derive insights in real time.
  • Combines the power of Hadoop for computing schema-on-read with the flexibility of defining the schema on the fly.
  • No need to copy or move the data, no need to create cubes or data marts; Transformation occurs when anyone in your organization queries the data.
  • Enables data exploration and visualization for anyone in your organization without any need to write SQL queries.


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Looker for Microsoft Azure

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