Looker for Product Analytics

November 8, 2016

The advantage of having a product that is in the cloud is that you can very quickly iterate, adding new features every month or even every week. But pushing changes to your customers in such a rapid fashion does have drawbacks if you can’t quickly determine whether the added feature is increasing customer usage or causing a drop-off in engagement.

Many product and engineering managers build their own custom tools to evaluate how the various aspects of the product are performing, but this can sometimes distract from the focus on building the product itself. Analytical tools are available, but they typically offer a structured way to analyze performance—an approach that is too limiting for the unique requirements of each business and product. Looker for Product Analytics makes it easy for your company to get clear insights into the performance of your product by making it simple to create custom metrics unique to your product needs, which you can monitor over time as you continue to develop.

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