Looker for Sales Analytics

May 4, 2016

One of the most important sources of internal intelligence is your sales data. If you and your team are unable to do deep and repeatable analyses on this data, you are running blind.

The Customer Relationship Management tools available today are the best places to capture sales performance data but are not the best places to do complex analysis of sales rep performance and pipeline achievement.

Looker for Sales Analytics makes it possible for sales leaders, sales operations, and individual sales reps to get to the reports, dashboards, and data they need to perform their jobs more effectively. Sales operations and sales management teams no longer need to spend the greater part of their days massaging data and creating conversion calculations in Microsoft Excel in order to consistently understand current, past, and trending performance.

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Sales Analytics
Sales Analytics

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The Journey to Better Sales Analytics at UpCounsel

Sales data is one of the most important and, arguably, the most customized types of data your company has. ...

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