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Duo Security - MSP Business Growth Drives Adoption of Cloud Analytics

Rapid business growth is welcome in any organization, but quickly scaling to support and secure new customers can be challenging. Duo Security, a leading cloud-based Trusted Access Provider, was experiencing explosive growth within their MSP business. Hiring more people wasn’t solving their real challenge—a lack of data-driven insights. Watch the webinar to learn how Duo Security leveraged the power of Snowflake and Looker to embark on their journey to Cloud Analytics and achieve:
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics on product usage
  • Improved sales and marketing alignment
  • Empowered employees and process automation
Snowflake & Looker Solution Brief
Snowflake & Looker Solution Brief

Making Today's Data Rapidly Consumable
Making Today's Data Rapidly Consumable

The more diverse and varied data structures become, the more expensive and painful it is for legacy data wa...