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iFIT Modernizes Its Data Stack to Scale and Manage Hypergrowth

iFIT is an interactive fitness platform that connects its members to fitness trainers through live streaming and on-demand workouts on digital interfaces. 

With the growing trend of at-home workouts, the iFIT fitness platform experienced triple-digit growth—even before the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, this growth also meant their data was becoming increasingly diverse and complex as they scaled their offering globally.

Recognizing the value of data and the opportunities it can unlock led iFIT to seek a modern data technology solution that would integrate all their data into a platform that was adaptable, structured, and process driven. 
Looker Successes/Key Takeaways

  • Established a single source of truth with clean, consistent, and trusted data 
  • Securely share data internally and externally with partner organizations, providing clear data lineage and transparency
  • Leverage product insights to help engineering team prioritize efforts to make the biggest impact on product development
  • Increase customer engagement and reduce churn based on analysis of workouts, membership, renewals, and retention 
  • Reduced reporting time down to minutes

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