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Build Impactful Dashboards

December 6, 2018

You devote hours to crafting a great dashboard, only to be confronted later by the report that no one’s looking at it. Worse, they’re still coming to you with questions you already answered for them on the dashboard! What’s going on? It turns out there are some reliable tips you can use to make your dashboards so impactful, users will return to the data again and again. The key lies in understanding your audience, choosing the right visualizations, and arranging everything in a way that encourages self-service. Join us to learn how it’s done!

Custom Visualizations
Custom Visualizations

Complex data relationships deserve powerful visualizations. Join this webinar to learn how to install, work...

Table Calculation Tips and Tricks
Table Calculation Tips and Tricks

Table calculations give you the power to create on-the-fly metrics, not unlike formulas found in spreadshee...

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