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Database Strategies for Modern BI and Analytics

May 1, 2017

The data universe has changed. Big data, cloud computing, and open source have dramatically expanded the number of data warehousing offerings available to today’s businesses. An increasing number of companies are implementing self-service business intelligence (BI) and visual analytics tools to access and make sense of all of the new and diverse sources of data their teams are consuming. Data literacy is changing equally fast as an increasing number of “data consumers” want to interact with data on their own rather than through IT. With BI and analytics playing an ever more critical role in organizations’ data-driven objectives, firms need to examine whether their current database management approach effectively meets users’ needs.

In this TDWI Webinar, learn why you may need a new database strategy and how to put one together to meet modern BI and analytics needs.

This Webinar covers:

- What to consider when deciding on a database for today’s BI and analytics

- When you should think about switching to or adding a new database solution

- What database technologies are most important for meeting diverse BI and analytics needs

- Best practices for bringing new database technologies into your strategy

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