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Delivering fast and fresh data experiences with BigQuery BI Engine & Looker

March 31, 2021

If you’ve never sat at your desk waiting for a dashboard to load, this webinar isn’t for you. For everyone else, read on. We’re surrounded by mini data experiences in our personal lives (think doctor visits, wearable tech, online bills, etc..) and they help us make decisions in context, on the go, and near instantly. Now, why should it be any different in our workplace, even if working from home? Lots of the data-rich applications of yesteryear, or BI tools connected to un-optimized databases are simply not designed to accommodate the types of experiences we as human beings expect. Let’s change that, shall we? It is 2021.

In this webinar, we’ll introduce new innovations from Google Cloud and Looker, and hear customer stories that’ll inspire you to start designing and building your next set of 2021-proof data experiences. You’ll learn how BigQuery BI Engine works, how to enable it in Looker (hint, it’s already enabled!) and how to make sure all your data end users get their data fast, and fresh.

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