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Federating Data with Presto to Build an Enterprise Data Portal

July 20, 2016

In the struggle to meet diverse demands of their organization, large companies often store their data in multiple locations and formats, and only make it available as subsets, retrieved through multiple tools. This makes the first thing a company needs to be data driven—access to its own data—problematic, cross-functional analysis difficult, and building a "single source of truth" impossible.

In this webcast we dive deep into helping you understand why so many of today's leading companies are using flexible data models as the foundation for their data strategies. We explain how you can easily make all your data accessible company-wide via a single, customizable UI on the Looker Data Platform.

In this webcast you'll learn:

— How to federate multiple data sources with Presto

— Why creating a single data model is crucial to data adoption

— What's possible with the new Presto functionality from Teradata

— How to build a data portal with simple but powerful company-wide access to analysis

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