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Finding Power in Data: How Auto Trader Built a Self-Serve Data Platform

February 27, 2020

Business data has changed radically. Today, enterprises use thousands of SaaS applications and business systems that create a huge amount of data, resulting in a struggle for users to gain actionable insights. Organisations need a solution to simplify the end to end workflow, from data prep and governance to visualisation, delivery, and action.

In this webinar by Looker and co-presented by Auto Trader, the UK leading digital automotive marketplace, you will learn how to tap into the potential of your data to optimise processes and strategies.

In This Webinar You Will Discover:

  • How to build a scalable and reliable foundation for your data
  • How to map out your data personas, and ensure data is modeled for efficient use
  • How to ensure self-serve analytics are adopted across the business.
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